To The Mother With the Crying Baby…

To the mother with the crying baby in the middle of the store, trying your best to ignore the comments and unwanted stares of others, my heart goes out to you, yes you.

Because Sunday, I was that mother.

After Sunday service was over, we made a quick trip to Walmart to get a few items. The kids were behaving well, minus a mouthy preteen, and no hints of future fits were present…or so I thought.

So, I began my trek into the store, scoured the cart with a handful of wipes killing those malicious germs, and began our shopping expedition. I was nearly done when she began her attempts to shatter glass. I seriously think my children are trying to break the world record for highest octave reached.

Axl Rose, eat your heart out.

So, there we are, my 6 week old daughter and my two-yr-old son in the middle of Walmart, suddenly becoming the center of nearly EVERYONE’S attention.

The stares do not bother me so much as I’ve come to ignore them, it’s the comments people feel the “need” to utter…aloud…to make sure it reaches my ears and everyone else around me. And then the Christian woman I try to be retreats for a moment and the “I want to rip your face off and stomp on it,” takes her place.

Why? Because I am not perfect. I am human, and I am a woman who, yes has my hands full but please do not remind me, desperately trying not to lose my sanity, has reached the point beyond exhaustion and overly tiredness, wondering how I am going to get caught up on all the million and one things I have/need to do, plus clean the house and make dinner, everyday mother.

Yes, that’s a mouthful.

But, that is a bit of who we are, and one of the last things we want to hear are nasty retorts from others…especially when we are stressed and our adorable children are throwing massive fits in public like tiny possessed grimlins.

So, back to shopping…

Here I am tying to rush to the checkout lane when my daughter’s inconsolable screaming reminds me I needed more pacifiers (the reason she was crying in the first place) because those things get lost like socks in the dryer. I swear they evaporate into thin air.

And, so, we make a U-turn BACK to the baby aisle. Once done, I quickly head back to the checkout. And, of course, there are about a dozen or more checkout lanes and only two open. And those two that are open have about four or five shoppers waiting in line, and here I am with a mad baby and a toddler who will not leave the bananas and yogurt alone while he sits in the cart.

So, I call my awesome husband who comes to my rescue and takes our daughter out to the car. She clearly doesn’t like shopping.

Gracefully, I had a compassionate cashier (they make a world of difference).

I make my way out of the store, thinking I still had forgotten something (of course, I did) because I either forget to make a list or forget to take it.

I take a deep breath and tell myself, “forget your diet…you need some chocolate and, girl, you deserve it!”

I hope you all have a fabulous week. And to all you mothers (fathers and guardians)…

“You ARE amazing, you ARE doing the best you can, and it IS going to get better.”

Spread the word.


Syndactyly and My Son

 1. The condition of having some or all of the fingers or toes wholly or partly united, either naturally (as in web-footed animals) or as a malformation.

I’ve never heard of this term. But, I became very familiar with it once my son was born. My son was born with Syndactyly on both of his hands. The skin on his right middle and ring finger were fused together, almost looking as on entire finger.
And his left middle and ring had webbing in between.

This isn’t life threatening but can cause some setbacks for children, and it does require surgery.

His former pediatrician (before we switched to a better one) recommended a plastic surgeon an hour and a half away from where we lived.  My son was two months old when he first saw him.  When we walked into his office, we were greeted by silcon breast implants inside of glass cases (yes, these were everywhere–displaying them like ancient artifacts in a museum).
We were to wait until he was at least a year before surgery because my son would have to be placed under anesthesia.


This momma, did NOT want this doctor touching her son. Why? Not because of the implants but because of eight words he said:

I will have to look at my textbook.

Me: “Excuse me?”

He then explained to my husband and I that he rarely does these surgeries, maybe once a year and would have to look at his textbook to see how to perform this type of surgery.

Uh-unh! No way!  Hands off my boy!!

So, I began the search for a surgeon myself–one who does hand surgeries often, especially these types.

While talking on the phone to my mother about this one day, she mentioned Shriners Hospital for Children.  She had been there when she was young as well (she was born with only her right arm).  So, I called them. They set me an appointment date so we can discuss whether this was the right surgeon for my son or not.

And, he was. He does these types of surgeries several times a week to several times a month.  He even explained to me what he would do, step by step.

Surgery was scheduled for July of 2015. I was a complete mess that entire week before it happened and could not sleep at all the night before. I would beg God every minute I could that He would allow me to switch places with my son. I was scared and nervous. The thought of them putting my baby under and cutting into him petrified me.

My fears subsided after he came out of surgery. It went very well and the entire staff at Shriners was utterly AMAZING, especially the surgery staff.  I, mean, they had to deal with a stressed out, overly emotional momma.  And, yes, I was a complete mess that day (although I could blame it on the hormones of pregnancy (I was 2 months pregnant with my daughter at the time).

I am a stay-at-home mother.  I am with my son all day long. I have never been away from him but for an hour one time. So, when the nurses took my sweet boy out of my arms, I broke down and sobbed like the biggest baby, ever.  Luckily hubby was there to comfort me.

Do I have any regrets of choosing Shriners? Absolutely not! As I stated before, they were all AMAZING and ever so incredible. I’d recommend them to anyone.

(After surgery–right hand)

We are not done with surgery. My son’s left hand still needs operated on and there is always the chance of the skin creeping up and trying to grow together.  But as of now, he can separate the fingers on his right hand and it is not uncomfortable for him to put pressure on anymore.

(Before surgery–left hand)

I will not be as nervous about this next surgery (in April) as I was the first time, but I still am dreading it. I will be glad when it is all over with.

Thanks for reading!


I’m Nesting…Early

“Nesting” has nabbed a hold of me, far much earlier this time. I have a plethora of things to do on my list that normally I would ask my hubby to do, but I have unleashed my inner Bob Vila and home decorating diva within me and have allowed my skills to break loose.  And, I am rather pleased with the outcome.

I am trying to not overdue and overwork my pregnant self because of the precious body I am incubating at the moment, but I cannot help myself. It needs to be done!  I will not rest until it is done.

Have I gone a little crazy and overboard just a tad, possibly.  But, I am pregnant so I can blame the hormones….for some of it anyway.
Some of it could be due to the fact many things were put off while I was pregnant with my son, and maybe the fear of tasks uncompleted have helped harness my inner insanity . Because, as you all know, some of us preggy ladies ca be a little, well, irrational.

Hmm…maybe I need to get pregnant again after this to see what else I can conquer.  After all, we have super powers, you know. 😉


All In a Day’s Night


My toddler. My energetic, joyous, loving, and extremely sweet toddler. I love him more than words can describe.


This energetic, joyous, loving, and extremely sweet toddler can drive me utter bananas sometimes. Yes, I know it is all part of being a parent but still the chaos at times can, well, cause temporary insanity.

Yesterday evening, he had an “explosion.” Teeth are coming in so this is normal, I understand. But, my energetic, joyous, loving, and extremely sweet toddler decided he was going to dig his hands in the mess and then roll around on the bed.

I still kick myself for stating, “Oh, we’ll never need a changing table.” Yeah, right.

Anyhoot, I clean him, strip the soiled bedding, and prepare a bath for him. He acts like a crazed sea creature once I place him into the tub, sending water all over me and the floor with his manic splashing. He is out and I am preparing to place a diaper on him when he decides to aim and fire! All over me and all over the clean quilt on the bed. Sigh.

I want to cry but I suck it up like a big girl and begin putting fresh linen on the bed while my energetic, joyous, loving, and extremely sweet toddler gets to everything in my room: pulling clothes off hangers, stuff out of drawers, and items off of shelves.

He is still learning so I grant a few stern, “Noes” and place him outside of our room.

Chores are done, bed is made, and I am getting ready to sit down to relax with a cool glass of root beer. My husband and I begin talking about the other plans we have for the yard when my energetic, joyous, loving, and extremely sweet toddler waltzes over and drops the DVD remote control into my cool glass of root beer. Yep! Needless to say, I was not happy.

To add to this, he fought sleep until 9:30 pm and then was up past midnight because he had trouble falling back to sleep (which rarely happens) and wanted to “play.” Mommy doesn’t think so, bud.

It’s 2:45 pm and I still feel like Zombie Mommy or a Mombie.

Oh, and I am out of caffeine and chocolate.