Benefits of Organic Parsley

I grew up in a family where homeopathic remedies were used.  Yes, my mother was and is a hippie. 🙂 I am not ashamed of this. In fact, I prefer herbal supplements and oils to OTC medications.  Why? I find them safer and healthier.

One main one my mother often uses is organic parsley.  She simply takes the leaves of the plant with some boiling water, and makes a tea of it. Albeit it is not the tastiest of teas, but it does help tremendously.


1. Fights off colds and other viruses.
2. Helps boost the immune system.
3. Can be used to draw out infections of insect and arachnid bites.

My mother had a massive bite on her leg one day. The bite had swelled as well. She took her organic parsley, and made a paste out of it with filtered water.  She laid the compound on the bite, wrapped it, and left it on overnight. The next morning, the swelling was gone and so was the infection.

I am far from being an expert in explaining plant and other natural derivatives, but I know this works.

One thing you can also do, if you dislike hot teas, is to place the parsley in a blender with other fruits and veggies such as blueberries, cranberries or the juice, oranges/orange juice, kale, strawberries, and kiwi and make a smoothie of it (wheat grass is another immune booster).  Plus, all of this is rich in antioxidants!


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