I’m Nesting…Early

“Nesting” has nabbed a hold of me, far much earlier this time. I have a plethora of things to do on my list that normally I would ask my hubby to do, but I have unleashed my inner Bob Vila and home decorating diva within me and have allowed my skills to break loose.  And, I am rather pleased with the outcome.

I am trying to not overdue and overwork my pregnant self because of the precious body I am incubating at the moment, but I cannot help myself. It needs to be done!  I will not rest until it is done.

Have I gone a little crazy and overboard just a tad, possibly.  But, I am pregnant so I can blame the hormones….for some of it anyway.
Some of it could be due to the fact many things were put off while I was pregnant with my son, and maybe the fear of tasks uncompleted have helped harness my inner insanity . Because, as you all know, some of us preggy ladies ca be a little, well, irrational.

Hmm…maybe I need to get pregnant again after this to see what else I can conquer.  After all, we have super powers, you know. 😉


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