Those People


(This took a while for some people to comprehend so we had to post our positive pregnancy test).

Since becoming pregnant with my second (hubby’s third), I’ve been hearing:

“Wow, you are going to have your hands full.”
“If I could, ‘I’ would not have ANY more kids.”
“You know, me, personally, I could not handle anymore little ones.”
“You and Steven are going to be run ragged. You won’t have time for anything.”
“You’re having ANOTHER one, really?!”
“You want HOW many?!”

And these are just some of the unwanted, senseless opinions I am being “graciously” tossed.

But, I . . . . . . . . . I am about ready to scream and let my pregnant self tell them what I think because these same things were stated when I was pregnant with my son. You’d think they learn to shut their mouths by now, seriously.

Normally, I like to keep the peace and keep quite but, sometimes, enough is enough and then. You. Crack!

Pregnancy tends to bring forth those who think they are experts or those who think you need to limit your family to a certain number and yadda, yadda, yadda. I’m sure you’ve all had your share.

So, I’ve decided I am going to start backfiring some overdue responses to “those people.”

1.) Well, I have all of these eggs and I see no sense in wasting them so…
2.) Well, we are trying for our own TV show.
3.) Yes, I am having another. That’s usually what happens when you’re married.
4.) Yeah, you’re right. I will have my hands full. I guess we’ll have to sell one of the kids. Hmm,do you think the circus would take one of them?
5.) It’s a tradition in my family to have loads of kids.

Honestly, since when did having three get frowned upon in the U.S.?

It’s not like we are going to be driving around in a clown car, stop, and a plethora of children emerge from the back. It’s number 3! Number 3! For now, anyway.

So, mommies expecting another or planning to, remember:

We are the ones giving birth to these beautiful wonders, not them.
We will be the ones raising them, feeding them, nurturing them . . . breaking up the sibling spats, kissing bruised and scraped knees.
So, what’s it to “those people” anyway.

If you have something negative to say about a woman or family having another, here is some helpful advice:

“Keep it to yourself.” Because, truth be told, get ready for it . . .


We’ve got enough things to worry about without you adding your input.
So, just smile, keep your unwanted opinions to yourself, and go about your business.
And you will not have to deal with a hormonal pregnant lady. 😉


2 thoughts on “Those People

    • Oh, absolutely! Nearly every person believes he or she is an expert in parenting. We all choose to raise our children differently. If it brings no harm to themselves or others, people just need to keep their snide opinions to themselves and let us parent.

      Congrats on the soon to be arrival, if he or she has not already arrived. And disregard anyone’s unwanted responses. You’re the Momma. 😉


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