A Busy Spring and Summer Are in Store for Us This Year

Every year we plant flowers, herbs, veggies, and fruit in our garden. It’s an exciting time for us because it is an inexpensive way our family can spend time together, plus our children are able to join in on the fun! Canning is also enjoyable to do with our older child. And reaping the rewards from the garden is an added bonus!

Besides the garden, we decided to take a few mini vacations with the kiddos. Our son will be needing hand surgery (on both hands) as well so any activities involving getting soaked are out of the question. But, there are plenty of other activities we can do that do not involve water, such as:

1) The Zoo!
My kids adore animals, especially my son, so a zoo is an excellent idea for a family outing.

2) The hands-on museum!
If your kids are like mine, they have a goal in life to touch EVERYTHING they see. And a hands-on museum is just the ticket for curious little minds, plus it is educational.

3) A hike! We enjoy going to a place called: Bays Mountain Park and Planetarium.
They have a plethora of activities to do for all ages such as: Wildlife preservation areas (including wolves, birds, and reptiles to name a few), a planetarium, a ferry ride, 25 miles of hiking trails, picnic areas, fishing spots, breathtaking views, a 3,000 acre outdoor classroom, a small museum, and an adventure course (hubby want to try this–oh dear). And the costs for the activities (minus the adventure course) are less than three dollars! Great deal, huh?

We also want to add more things to our children’s play area.

1) A chalkboard table
2) A climb-on turtle (made from a large planting pot or half barrel, tires, and a wooden head.
3) Hubby has the idea of an AstroTurf lawn–something we can spray down with a hose and where the kiddos are less like to get hurt.
4) A sandbox (a turtle sandbox was given to my son by his uncle so this part is taken care of).
5) A small tepee they can use as a clubhouse/fort.

I will also be painting the rooms to liven and brighten up the home.

Yes, we have a full plate but we get to look forward to some enjoyable experiences all the while making memories. We are nervous as any parent would be about our son’s surgery, but we will get through it.

God bless you all, and may you all enjoy the Spring and Summer seasons this year.


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