I Choose to Laugh

My son is nearly 14 months old, so he is at the “get into EVERYTHING and exploring” stage. Sigh. At least I get plenty of exercise because he sure keeps this Momma on her toes. I was able to get in some cleaning because he is also at the clingy stage and panics when he cannot see me. I stick him in his walker while I shower and just allow him to go down the hallway and the bathroom for my mind’s sake.

Well, he curiosity got the better of him this time.

Victim: The toilet paper.


A brand new roll at that.

It took less than 15 seconds for my wild monkey to unravel the TP and begun mummifying himself. My kid has talent!

I could not help but find the whole situation humorous. So, I snapped a photo. Plus, he looked so darn cute all bound up in Charmin.

Moments like these make me sit and ponder. I want to make the right choices as a mother. I want to choose to laugh at situations instead of getting upset over them. He is just a toddler, after all.



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