Cabin Fever

We have had snow here from three to four feet, going on our second week. But, I won’t complain because things could be worse and we could have more aggravating white evil coldness than most. Plus, our waterlines are not frozen, we still have heat, our roof has not caved in, and we have electricity. All in all, we are blessed.


Cabin fever has finally settled in, for my family that is. Being a stay-at-home mom, I am home


So, this is nothing new to me and does not effect me in the least, but it is driving my children and my hubby, well, a little nuts. Board games and the television are not aiding in relieving some of this, either.
My step-daughter is visiting her mother and has been there since Thursday due to all the snow and ice but at least she has her step-siblings to keep her entertained. My toddler stares at the window like a puppy itching to get outside and wander, the poor tot. If it warms up enough I may…MAY…stop being an over-protective mother for a moment and allow him to play in the snow (for about five minutes before the fear of him getting hyperthermia, pneumonia, frost bite, trench foot, immersion foot, Cold Diuresis, and many other possible illnesses caused by cold weather. I know–I Googled).

Have you ever seen A Christmas Story? You know the boy whose mother bundled him up so much he could not put his arms down? Yep, that would my son.

Christmas Story Younger Brother Bundled

Okay, so, maybe I am a little paranoid but cut me some slack; I’m a first time mom.

Maybe I can conjure up some more indoor, and safer, ideas to entertain my kiddos? Preferably nothing that involves my home getting messy and small objects. 😀


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