My Daughter

You can be loud at times and demanding of attention but aren’t all children? You make messes but you try to help. I think you do a great job at both.
You like to hug everyone you see and say that everyone is your friend.

Sometimes this frightens me. There are evil monsters in this world. I hope you never encounter them.

You like children, especially babies; pets, musicals, make-up, and Italian food, especially raviolis and pizza. You love your family and love everyone else. You judge no one. I hope others see this and follow your example. No, you aren’t like most children but that is okay because I wouldn’t have it any other way.

When people see us in a shopping center, I wish them, “Please do not stop and stare and grant us nasty looks.” Or I may just give them a fair slice of my opinionated mind.

But that would go entirely against the things I am trying to instill in you. My beautiful girl.

Yes, you are different. Yes, you have difficulty behaving herself. Yes, you like to go down every aisle in the store and nearly drag me behind with you, but I do not mind. I love you.

I think you are perfect. I think you are beautiful (do not allow this world to tell you otherwise) And I think I am blessed that God has placed you into my life and me in yours.

And, yes, I am, aware you ask a lot of questions but it is because you are curious and inquisitive. You have a beautiful mind, heart, and spirit. And you express them all. But, so what? You are a child. Cherish these moments because they will soon fade because you are growing older. I wish I could grasp time and hold it, at least for a few more years.

Our bond we once shared is slowly drifting. And it’s breaking my heart.

We are not bond by blood, I know. But we are through heart and love. When I married your father, you were the added bonus. I do not want nor wish to replace your mother. I am sorry if you feel this way sometimes.

But, I will be here to watch you grow and to raise you as my own.


Because I love you as though you were.


2 thoughts on “My Daughter

  1. I know we really dont know each other but through facebook but this is one of the sweetest things I have ever read. You are such a wonderful mother to you children! 🙂 I enjoy reading your stuff about your kids!


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